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By Matthew Le Blanc

The newly redesigned MSA website is suffering from a failure to launch. With Aug. 10 as the original release date, the site still remains partly under construction.

“What’s holding them up right now is they have the pieces built, but have to link them all together,” says MSA’s Marketing & Communications Manager Stephen Kosh. “We weren’t comfortable with going live just yet.”

One of the MSA’s goals for the site is to create a “one-stop shop” where Mohawk students can comment, ask questions and air their grievances to the MSA and receive feedback, which will remain on the site for future reference.

The MSA hopes this will help alleviate some of the back up that occurs in their office.

“The MSA knows students won’t be using the site as frequently as Facebook,” admits Kosh. “Instead, the site has been built around the busy times on campus, such as orientation week, elections, referendums.”

The site itself is currently split into two parts. The static side, which acts as a gateway and holds basic information about the MSA, staff and contact info, is already currently available. However, the social side, which is to be modeled after Facebook, has been the proverbial wrench in the works.

Kosh admits to overlooking a crucial detail when planning the site, which has lead to its delays.

“Back in April, the question was posed from our side ‘Can we have this ready to go in September?’ and it was a guaranteed yes from their side. The one question that I didn’t pose was how much of this code was actually written.”

Square Crop, the web developing company designing the site, has been working with six other colleges and universities across Canada creating social sites for them. Kosh confesses to assuming that the Mohawk site would have evolved from a pre-existing system. Instead, the site has been built from scratch.

Despite all the setbacks, Kosh remains optimistic and believes the site will be a “platform for the MSA to build on”.

“Since [The MSA] was the first students’ association in North America to jump on board, they promised us from the very beginning to be the first ones to go social. Whether it’s a minute or a day, we’re going to be the first ones to do it.”

$35,000 has been spent on the construction of the website.

The MSA is hoping to launch the social side of the site by Sept. 20.

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