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By Matthew Le Blanc

Mohawk’s radio station has seen many changes over its 25 years of operation. From its humble beginnings as CHMR, its first broadcasts as C101.5 FM, and to its rebranding as the independent artist supporting station we now know as INDI 101.

However, rumblings of yet another change have begun to surface.

Last year, in a partnership with the MSA, Mohawk College became the primary funder for the station, which was previously taken care of by the Mohawk Students’ Association. Now the college has been contemplating a new location for the station.

“The college is trying to bring all the programs into a specific area,” says the President of the MSA Kathleen Cullen. “We believe it was better for our students to have it built into their program. With the radio station here, it made it disconnected.”

Mohawk College’s Associate Dean of Media and Entertainment, Ken Wallis, says the school’s original plan was to relocate the station by the on-campus Tim Hortons.

“We didn’t have finalized plans for the renewal of the F-Wing done,” explained Wallis. “We felt if we moved the radio station right away and hadn’t gone through all of our planning process, what if we were putting it in the wrong spot? What if it doesn’t work?”

One factor Mohawk is considering is the relocation of the Brantford graphics programs, which have become part of the media department, and set to move fall 2011.

“I think we’re being very cautious and that we get everything organized properly, rather than move the radio station and find that it’s not the right location for it,” says Wallis.

If the station does eventually move, Wallis says the college is committed to making sure the station serves the students as best as possible, both as a professional and educational learning environment.

“We’re hoping to expand the usage of it for a lot more crossover academic structures,” says Wallis. “For instance, even music students could become involved. They could do interviews and small performances. Advertising students could volunteer and sell airtime.”

Mohawk has yet to come to a definitive answer on whether or not they will be keeping the station on campus

For now, INDI 101 will stay where it is and will continue to be the voice of Mohawk College and its students.

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