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October is the planned month to break ground for the new facility. - Photo: Matthew Le Blanc

By Matthew Le Blanc

Future Mohawk students may have even more debt before graduating as plans for a brand new athletics facility gets underway.

The estimated cost of the new facility is $17 million and will be partly subsidized by an undetermined fee once the facility is completed in 2014.

“[The MSA] has been talking with the college and athletics committee and the college has decided that this is the next step in our renovations in order to stay current and competitive with other colleges,” says MSA President Dan Clark.

Three years ago the MSA held a referendum to determine whether or not students wanted a new athletics facility. However, roughly 60 per cent of the votes were against the new building.

“The reason why we felt it appropriate to approve this levy without going to students is because the levy doesn’t take place until the building is built,” says Clark. “That was our big issue we ran into the last referendum where students were going to have to pay up front for a building they would never see.”

During the referendum, students were asking for a campus-wide renovation to specific wings instead of a brand new building. Since then, both the A and H Wings have seen significant rejuvenation.

Currently the proposed site for the building will be along Governor’s Boulevard, right behind the student’s centre.

The athletics facility will increase the amount of active space students will have on campus. The school is looking at building three gyms accompanied by plenty of multi-programmable spaces that can be used as classrooms or rented out.

Clark says the main focus for the facility will be health and fitness. A survey will be given to students in order to determine what equipment and services students would like to see within the new building.

With Mohawk being the proposed site for Hamilton’s Velodrome, Clark says it remains an unknown factor in the building of the athletics facility. However, he confirms that the facility will be built regardless of the city’s decision.

More detailed information about the facility will be released next month.

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